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If you book a valuation through Walter, you are guaranteed to receive the valuation report in your inbox within two weeks. Our valuation reports are NWWI validated and can be used for your mortgage application.

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A NWWI validated valuation report with Walter costs € 680 including VAT.

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It takes two weeks from requesting the valuation to receiving it.

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You need a validated valuation report for your mortgage application.

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Questions? We're happy to help.

How soon will I receive the valuation report?

If you request a validated valuation report, you will receive the report within two weeks of your request. The appraiser will have viewed the house and the valuation will be fully approved by the NWWI within that time. Do you need a valuation report ASAP? We speedup the process for an additional € 75 flat fee. You'll receive the report within a week.

What is a NWWI validated valuation report?

A validated valuation report is a report that has been checked by the NWWI. You need a validated valuation report to apply for a mortgage. This applies to both mortgages with NHG and without.

How do I request a valuation report?

You can easily request a valuation report online. After you have entered the requested information, you will receive a confirmation the same day or at the latest the next working day. You pay the costs of the valuation report when the deed is passed at the notary.

What does a valuation report cost?

A validated valuation report via Walter costs € 680,- including VAT. Do you need a valuation report urgently? For an extra € 75, you'll receive the valuation report within a week.

Do I need a valuation report for my mortgage application?

The bank likes to know what a house is worth before they approve your mortgage. You can take out up to 100% of the market value as a mortgage. To determine exactly how much that is, you must have the house appraised by an independent party.

A validated valuation report is in most cases mandatory when you are going to buy a house. An appraisal is not required if the mortgage is lower than 75% of the WOZ value.

What happens after I request a validated valuation report?

You will receive a confirmation as soon as possible. This is usually the same day, although it can sometimes take a working day.

After that you don't have to do much. The appraiser will contact the sales broker himself to schedule a date for the appraisal. You'll be notified as soon as it's been scheduled.

As soon as the report has been approved by the NWWI, you will receive it by email.

I have requested a valuation report but want to cancel it. How do I do that?

If you want to cancel the valuation, just send an email to If the appraiser has already been to the property, you can no longer cancel.

Immediately after your application, we will issue your valuation. Because our partners then incur costs, we may charge you cancellation costs.